Watch & Bullion: Brand Refresh

Watch & Bullion already had a very established presence in the market place and along with that a very secure look & feel. My job was to build upon this and developed it into a more consistent/modern look. The website and social media design was the main focus initially, and then everything else after that moving forward.



Web Banner


In Situ on Site:





Watches Section: complete over hall of every image to bring a unified consistency





When image is hovered over:Website-Mock-Up-1_HOVER

Pop for subscription mailing list:




In situ on site:No.2 in-situ



Google Review which was printed and sent to customers:


Google Review RGB-VIEWING



Something a bit different to engage with customers on social media:

These characters have been developed to introduce certain topics/issues customers might face when buying Watches. We created the characters Arthur, the lion, the customer and Marcelious, the wolf. He is the villian/con man that Arthur should watch out for. Arthur & Marcelious will feature a lot more in future campaigns and will become a staple of Watch & Bullion.

Introduction of characters:





First infographic featuring the two characters:Infographic Rolex - New Format